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Girl meets world fanfiction maya and lucas one shots

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It hasn't rained in so long. None of them could even remember the last time they saw rain in Greenwich Village, which is why when it started pouring before school this morning it was odd. The clique six were standing in the halls before class talking up a storm since they had some time to kill. Well all but one, Maya was late.

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I Refuse To Be Bored — Kiss and Tell - One Shot Lucaya Fic

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Riley said she was okay with it, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't sting a little P. This is pretty Riley Centric but it includes Lucaya moments. Riarkle if you squint. No Romantic Rucas Interaction. Riley didn't think it would be that bad if Lucas and Maya were boyfriend and Girlfriend. Heck, she thought they were actually pretty cute together, but she would never say that out loud. She first realized it hurt when Maya and Lucas walked hand-in-hand into Topanga's laughing at something one of them said while Maya was wearing Lucas's hoodie.

Riley felt guilty, but she was kind of relieved when they dropped hands. The whole group was going to an arcade so they met up at Topanga's. She knew it wouldn't be the end of the PDA. When they were heading to the arcade, Lucas put his arm around Maya and kissed her forehead while looking at each other with a soft admiration.

Riley sighed in annoyance. Farkle was the only one that noticed so he put his hand on her shoulder as a comforting gesture. They had finally arrived and that's when all the PDA started. Lucas was winning Maya prizes, kissing her any chance he got, taking coupley pictures in photobooths, and just acting way too mushy for Maya to actually be enjoying herself.

But Riley was wrong, from what it looked like, Maya was having a great time. They thoroughly enjoyed each others company. Riley couldn't help but envy Maya.

She liked Lucas too, and know she wondered if she really stopped. Riley didn't want to rain on Maya's parade but she still liked him and nothing was going to be resolved until she came out and told them.

She wasn't going to do it here. Riley was gonna let them have their last day of fun as a couple. She couldn't wait to get this off of her chest though. She was ready to just tell them and then Lucas would realize she wasn't okay with their relationship and then he would be hers. When the group arrived back at Topanga's they went their separate ways except for Maya and Lucas.

Riley had told them that she wanted to talk to them before they left. Riley kept them waiting too long so she came back to see Maya cuddled up and asleep on Lucas's lap. After watching you and Maya today, and seeing how much you kiss and cuddle each other, I realized that I wish I was in her place.

I wish that I could kiss you all the time like Maya gets to, and cuddle with you. I still like you Lucas. Maya woke up due to all the noise. She didn't get up she just stayed on Lucas's lap. Lucas roughly but gently, grabbed Maya's face and kissed her hard. Riley was extremely shocked. You two are obviously happy and I don't want to get in the way of that.

I can control it. Be happy. Story Story Writer Forum Community. An array of oneshots about the lovely and adorable couple Lucaya. PM me if you have a request or leave them in the review section.

I love positive reviews so keep on typin' them! Rating for each one shot varies. At least T or above. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Lucas Friar & Maya Hart — Lucaya oneshot inspired by a Maya Hart quote: “I...

New story! This is going to be a series of Lucaya oneshots up until they get together in season 3! If they don't I am deleting my account and pretending this never happened.

Hello everyone!! But thankfully my dear friend Sandy helped me edit.

Don't worry, I'll update my other story, sorry I just am not feeling so inspired to write it This is my first attempt at a fic in the GMW fandom. I was looking for Lucaya fanfics and found that while there were plenty, they were almost being overpowered by the rucas and joshaya fic. Alright, I guess.

Reality is Just a Dream

Maya laughed and kept running across the field, turning on her feet to grin at the boys, spinning the football in her hands. She slowed down. Her blonde curls fell over her shoulder. She tossed the ball back and forth between her hands. Lucas stopped and crossed his arms over his chest. Laughing, Maya rolled her eyes at how ridiculously Captain America he looked, with his cropped hair and green eyes and biceps. He was practically six feet tall. Keep reading. Terrified of the storm raging above, she distracts herself by bringing a brush to a canvas.

lucaya one shot

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Riley Matthews got the shock of her life when she realized that her best friend Maya Hart had feelings for the boy Riley had been in love with since middle school. Instead fighting for the love her Lucas Friar, Riley stepped back so that her friend would have the chance at a relationship with him. The only problem was that Riley was hurting on the inside. Riley decides to hop onto the first train the Philadelphia to go see her Uncle Josh in hopes of gaining perspective on where she should stand in the relationships between the two people she cares about the most. Or will this trip cause more heartache for her?

So, I was going through my laptop and found so many unfinished one-shots and ideas for rucas. So, what happens when she sees a new face that makes her feel something she has yet to feel.

You're acting crazy! You would think all of the name calling, making fun of, and arguing would stop between them when they fell in love. He was accusing her of something she clearly didn't do. She was way too in love with him to cheat.

I Love You-A Faya Fanfiction (One-Shot)

Mainly Corpanga stories. Because they're my OTP. And I love them.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Maya has always been there for Lucas when things with his dad get rough. By her books, Lucas Friar is one of those good things.


And you know what happens at ? You turn gold. Lucas invited his friends, and Maya, who is definitely more than a friend, to stay in Texas for two weeks. Dancing under the moonlight to the staticky top hits playing from the radio, interlaced fingers while running down the streets in shorts and old flip flops. Looking at the trees rush by, golden sunlight peeking through the emerald leaves.

Jul 13, - Lucaya oneshot inspired by a Maya Hart quote: “I watch the light move during the day. girl meets world characters as buzzfeed unsolved quotes One of Maya's half sisters from her dad's new family, Hailey, finds Maya rbing this bc 1, notes? what? i almost feel obligated to write a fanfic of this help.

I hope all of you enjoy reading it and I hope this was what the guest meant I mean we were voted favourite couple, some people must have mistaken our jokes for reality. It wasn't as though I wanted it to be real. Definitely not. Ranger Rick was the furthest thing from my mind romantically.

Hi everyone! I'm back! Recently, I started to ship Lucaya, so I thought I'd start writing a compilation of one-shots.

I told them that we can stop but I took it back, the same day I said. I am still very confused about my feelings; riley is a safe choice. Picking her will be a very safe choice. But Maya, Maya is a storm.

I can still feel him when I walk in the streets.. All I can think of is him..

Riley said she was okay with it, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't sting a little P. This is pretty Riley Centric but it includes Lucaya moments. Riarkle if you squint. No Romantic Rucas Interaction. Riley didn't think it would be that bad if Lucas and Maya were boyfriend and Girlfriend.



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