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Guy gets jumped prank

The legendary long-distance runner details his historic victory in the Boston Marathon that launched the modern running boom. Within a span of two hours and nine minutes, Bill Rodgers went from obscurity to legend, from Bill Rodgers to "Boston Billy. Having won the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon four times each, he remains the only marathoner to have appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice. Winning the Holy Grail of marathons in an unthinkable record time changed Bill's life forever. But his dramatic breakthrough in Boston also changed the lives of countless others, instilling in other American runners the belief that they could follow in his footsteps, and inspiring thousands of regular people to lace up their shoes and chase down their own dreams. In the year before Rodger's victory at the Boston Marathon, 20, people had completed a marathon in the United States.


A Huge YouTuber Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Attacking A Woman Out For A Jog

Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Charles And Alyssa Forever Alyssa4ever gmail. Derek Deso. The ACE Family. Riss and Quan. Shane and Liana. Jatie Vlogs. The Jatie Fam. Adi Fishman. Hello Forever squad and welcome back to the channel. If you're new. You know breaking breaking before I explain why I look like this and what video I'm doing today.

I just wanna say thank you. Thank you. Thank you for A hundred K last night Charles and I celebrated as some of you probably saw if you were on live with us, we reached A hundred K and it's a great accomplishment. We're really really really happy so I just wanna say thank you.

We thank you. We appreciate all the love and support that you guys give us back to today's video. The reason why I look like this is because I'm going going to to be be pranking pranking pranking Charles Charles Charles with with with that.

I I I I got got got got beat beat beat beat up up up up prank. He's outrunning errands. I just got back from Victoria Secret, so I have the proof right there. So what I'm gonna tell Charles is that I was walking to my car and I got jumped by a couple guys. They're trying to steal my purse and I got beat up.

Give me my purse so I'm gonna actually hide my little bag. That's a good idea and tell them that they stole everything They beat me up. I was trying to fight so that's why I look like this.

I also bruise myself right here and right here just to make it look like you know they push me to the ground and we're like beating me up trying to make it look as real as possible. He is going to freak if he believes this, he's gonna freak out like I mean any guy would freak out if their girlfriend got beat up.

Don't forget to like this video comment and subscribe and spam spam team team Melissa Melissa in in the the the comments comments comments because because because I I I think think think if if if I I I could could could pull.

A really good prank, plus he deserves payback for that cockroach praying cuz that I mean that was like you guys know I was traumatized to see you soon. Okay you guys. I already set up the camera. I'm on my blogging camera right now. I'm going to call him and be like babe something really terrible, but to me you have to come home. I have to get into the whole emotional state. For something bad happened to me what?

Hurt wait, What are you talking about? What are you talking about? You got someone to hurt me? I'll be there in a second. Babe I'll be there in a second okay. Oh my God I started tearing up you guys. Oh my God. Hey, what's the matter? Babe Babe Babe Babe. Come here Lady Stop crying What what happened What happened?

I don't believe the secret. I don't know what to do who was it and why you didn't call the police who was it. Come here. Look at me. Babe who what they look like what did you doing? Okay, what they look like we gotta go find them. They're big. They were told me repeat that. Oh, my God babe. Are you serious? Let me see you babe. Come on Babe Babe Babe.

Listen, we don't find them okay. Maybe we gonna find them. Alright Okay. Come on. Come on show me You gotta show me no. I don't know what you need to remember who they are, they were beaten up.

Nobody got to beat on my girlfriend we need to come on Babe. They were being everybody. We're about to go back to the mall. I'm not going back.

Hey, Stop crying. Listen to me. Look at me No babe. I'm not scared. Don't be embarrassed baby beautiful. I'm here for you. Listen to me, Babe, I don't know what they look like so I can't even tell the police officers who they who they are what they look like cuz I don't know.

I don't know how how my car I don't understand the hottest happened when there's so many people around nobody helped you no. I love you so much. Are you serious right now? My face is all my stuff that's my nose was bleeding and everything was bleeding. Let's go come on baby. Let me see your face. Oh my God babe why I'm mad at you Do not call me bro. How do you not call me at the mall? I'm lost like why would you wait til you get home to call me back strong? Oh, did they say she's your car?

Maybe you should've waited for me. I would have came here. I would have oh my gosh. Babe don't cry Don't cry. It's a break get on my face my face my face just. Charles Charles you literally do emotional, then you got cameras in I could have either babe. I could've went to jail or something. I wouldn't want you. You don't know that I wanna let you. I wonder bless you. That's what I'm talking about.

Student shares ordeal after falling victim to dangerous viral prank

A Houston mother is warning other parents to beware of a dangerous prank after she says her son was injured after falling and hitting his head on the floor. She says she took her son to the emergency room where the doctor ordered him to stay home for a week. Regina posted the video of the incident to her Facebook page in hopes of warning other parents and teens. The video shows three teens line up and Regina's son is in the middle. She says they told her son it was a challenge to see who could jump the highest.

WSVN - School officials are warning against a popular prank that has been spreading on social media. The year-old student, A. Several videos are circulating around the internet showing students jumping and violently falling to the ground after being tripped by others.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Dad: 'We are gonna miss her' Story highlights Teen's brother says friend is "devastated" Premila Lal was shot and killed by a family friend The year-old is remembered as a good student and athlete Police call the shooting death "unintended and extremely tragic".

Houston mother warns about dangerous prank after her son was injured

Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Charles And Alyssa Forever Alyssa4ever gmail. Derek Deso. The ACE Family. Riss and Quan. Shane and Liana.

TikTok challenge has serious consequences

By Angelin Yeoh. A coronavirus prank video uploaded on Feb 6 has received more than 1, dislikes from viewers. A YouTuber is under fire for posting a coronavirus prank video where he got actors in hazmat suits to chase down a man pretending to have the virus in public spaces. It has received over 1, dislikes from viewers with most of them describing the video as tasteless and offensive. Moore's stunt has also received criticism from prominent online personalities, with professional gamer and streamer Ninja calling it "disgusting" in a Twitter post.

The man behind a popular prank channel on YouTube was arrested in Miami Beach on Sunday for allegedly attacking a woman out for a jog.

A dangerous prank injuring kids and in worst case scenarios, sending them to intensive care. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed. Subscribe to NEWS newsletters.

Kids seriously injured in dangerous TikTok prank gone viral

A couple are spending time together and the girlfriend decided to pull a harmless prank on him. He did not take too kindly and starts to brutally beat her. Trump tours PA mask distribution center without wearing a mask.

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Video: Shocking video shows boyfriend beat up girlfriend after a prank


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Deceased man pranks funeral-goers with message from beyond the grave


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