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How to find dream man

Writing a manifesto of the man I wanted seemed a silly activity for a something. But we are never too old to create intention in our lives. And we should always continue to learn about our hearts. He raises an eyebrow. I tell him a friend had tasked me with creating a list of characteristics and attributes I want in a partner. I completed it months ago, during a lull between boyfriends.

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9 Things That Happen When You Meet The Man Of Your Dreams

Daydreaming is one of life's simpler pleasures, and the best thing about it is that it's completely free. It costs nothing to pretend, and it's also not one of those things where participants have to "be this tall to ride this ride". There are zero limits when it comes to imagining things, in fact, it's almost like a virtual reality, which adds a whole new level of awesomeness. It's possible for a person to build whole worlds inside their own mind, to construct alternate realities, to create alternate scenarios and, yes, even to dream up their own people, and maybe this makes us a little lame, but we think that's incredible.

Don't misunderstand us, though, we're not trying to confuse our own imaginings with reality. We know what's real, we know what's not real, we haven't gone senile. But as long as it's being used as a pastime, not standing in place of and not being confused with reality, what's the harm in imagining? One of the most popular things people daydream about is their soulmate, and we totally get that.

Who doesn't want to find that special someone who completes them? Here's the dealio. Answer these 40 questions, and we'll reveal everyone's dream guy. Alright, people, let's talk numbers. How old is this guy we're talking about? We're gonna need an age range. Tell us, about how old is this ideal man of yours?

And, if you couldn't care less about what age your perfect guy is, then just choose the option that your gut tells you to. It's not rocket surgery, people, it's just your dream man we're talking about, here. The stakes are high, but then again, they're not really since the perfect man doesn't exist.

Anyway, pick the right age range for your guy. In fact, truth be told, your idea of your ideal man's ideal height tells us a bit about your preferences, which will further help us determine and, in turn, reveal unto you just what exactly your perfect boyfriend looks like. So, how tall do ya want your guy? Everybody has a visual of their dream guy going on in their head, which means everybody has got their preferences when it comes to said dream guy's body type.

Describe your perfect man's physique here, people. Go on, do it. Eye color is FAR from a determinant when it comes to picking out your perfect man, but, then again, since this IS your dream man we're talking about, then you may as well get exactly what you want.

Chances are, you wouldn't marry a guy just because he has your preferred eye color, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a preferred eye color, right? Given your druthers, which of the following lovely irises would you rather your perfect man have? Maybe this is presumptuous of us, but we're just going to go ahead and assume that your dream guy has hair. Okay, so, back to picturing your perfect man.

Golly gumdrops, isn't he so dreamy? Hey, speaking of your dream guy, why don't you describe his hair to us? Don't go into detail about the style, but do tell us, what's the color of his hair?

We all know that looks aren't everything, but we're talking about your dream guy, here. Chances are, he doesn't exist precisely as you see him in your mind, but since you should always dream big, why not imagine exactly what you want?

Take another look at that dream guy of yours, and tell us what kind of facial hair he's got. Maybe he's got a clean shave look going on, or maybe he's got that irresistible five o'clock shadow.

You're in charge here, you tell us! Everybody has a feature that they consider their best. For instance, ours is our too high forehead coupled with our "arched like a villain in a children's cartoon" eyebrows. Other people have more normal best features, like their gorgeous hair, or their beautiful eyes, or their winning, adorable smile. Think about your dream guy. Close your eyes, picture him clearly in your head. Looking at him with your mind's eye, what is his very best feature?

Pick one of the following four. As our great uncle Eustace was fond of reminding us, "You can't judge a beer by its label! Now, go snag me a brew from the fridge, okay kiddo? But, style is the best form of self-expression, so to say that clothes don't matter AT ALL wouldn't be quite right, either. What kind of style is your dream guy most likely to have? Choose one of the following four styles. A life lived without friends? Well, now, that doesn't sound like a good life at all!

Everybody needs some friends, and what better friend to have than a furry, four-legged one? Pets are fun, they're adorable, they lift you up when you're feeling down, they're the best, there's just no two ways about it. Everybody needs an animal pal to keep them company, so which kind of pet is your dream guy most likely to have? Here are four really great options.

Choose wisely! Obviously, dating a guy because he has a neat car would be an ill-advised venture, unless you're just okay with having a poor relationship as long as you sometimes get to ride in a really neat vehicle. We mean, WE don't understand that line of thinking, but it takes all kinds to make a world, we guess.

So, which of the following cars sounds most like your dream guy's ride? Everybody has a job to do, but that's to make money to put food on the table, to pay the bills, to cover medical care, yada, yada, yada. You get the picture. But, you know, not everybody's job is everybody's dream.

Some people aren't lucky enough to get to do the thing they dream of doing all day long for a living, so they have to pursue their dreams in their spare time. These dreams are called hobbies, and everybody has got at least one. Which of the following sounds like your dream guy's hobby?

Your dream guy may very well be a homebody, and there's definitely nothing wrong with that. Hey, being at home is great! You don't even have to wear pants, you can snack whenever you want, the list of amazing things you can do at home goes on and on.

The problem is, you can't meet your dream guy if he stays at home all of the time. Where is this fella most likely to hang out? What kind of place would you like to meet your dream guy, eh? But, it is necessary. We mean, how else are you going to get to know your dream guy? How else are you going to figure him out and determine if he's the one or not?

You can't just sit outside his house with a pair of binoculars spying on him—or, so the police have informed us. The question is, then, what kind of date does your dream guy dream of?

Obviously, your dream guy would love to be hanging out with you on the weekend—no duh, right? Who wouldn't want to hang out with you, especially someone who is head over heels in love with you? But, just as everyone has hobbies, everyone has activities that they enjoy engaging in on the weekends, and what we want to know right now is, what's your dream guy doing on Saturday and Sunday?

How does he like to fill his time on his off days? You tell us. There are some movies that everybody agrees are great. Titanic, for instance, is a favorite among film fans, and so too is The Godfather, yet those two films could not be more different. One is about love's endurance in the face of loss, and another is about There's a heaping handful of classic flicks that we all love, but when you get down to it, everybody has their own favorite genre.

Which of the following sounds most like your dream guy's favorite kind of movies? Children are so cute, aren't they? So naive, so innocent, so borderline unsettling. We babysat our three-year-old niece a month ago, woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, and she was standing right next to our bed, just staring at us silently. We're not saying kids aren't too cute to quit, they totally are, but, well Anyway, how many kids does your dream man want?

Ah, books! Sure, reading may not be everybody's pastime, and we respect that, although, to be honest? We definitely don't understand it. Plus, you know, a person's favorite book can tell you a lot about them. We had a best friend in high school, her favorite book was Pride and Prejudice, which made a lot of sense because she was a hardcore romantic. In college, knew a guy whose favorite read was Lord of the Flies. He's running from the law now, so we don't talk much anymore. Anyway, what's your dream guys favorite book?

17 Proven Ways to Find the Man of Your Dreams

Daydreaming is one of life's simpler pleasures, and the best thing about it is that it's completely free. It costs nothing to pretend, and it's also not one of those things where participants have to "be this tall to ride this ride". There are zero limits when it comes to imagining things, in fact, it's almost like a virtual reality, which adds a whole new level of awesomeness. It's possible for a person to build whole worlds inside their own mind, to construct alternate realities, to create alternate scenarios and, yes, even to dream up their own people, and maybe this makes us a little lame, but we think that's incredible.

Every girl has got a list: An inventory of characteristics that make up her very own Prince Charming. When we first start dating while I had my first "boyfriend" at 3, I had my first French kiss at 12, so I'm going to count that as my dating starting date. Wait, I've been "dating" for half of my life?

Please leave empty:. His body. His smile. His lust for me. His personality.

How to Find The Man Of Your Dreams in One Easy Step

Updated: November 30, References. Many women dream of finding that perfect man — the hard part is turning those dreams into reality. There is no way to guarantee that you will find him, but there are steps that you can take to greatly improve your chances. Keep reading to find out what you can do to find the man of your dreams. Think about what qualities you want in your ideal partner, like kindness, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Try joining a local club, talking to new people at social events, and using dating sites to meet potential partners. Try to be patient and enjoy the process. For more tips, including how to make a relationship last with the right man, read on!

20 Surprising Places to Find the Man of Your Dreams

Blogthings Popular Random Topics. Saturday night you can be found: Hanging out with some friends - the group changes each week Updating your journal, surfing the web, IMing people Anywhere! A concert, hot new club, a coffee shop - it's hard to predict Wrapping up some work projects or homework With your sweetie or closest guy friend by your side You're walking your dog in the park and happen to see a hot guy with a dog of his own. You: Smile and ask him what kind of dog he has Smile, and vow to look up his dog on Dogster when you get home.

If you're trying to figure out how to get a guy to like you, then you need to know the various ways you can get the Law of Attraction to work for you. Not so efficient or effective, right?

I have a lot of conversations with women who inquire about which coaching option is the right fit. If she was driven, she remained driven. If she was opinionated, she remained opinionated.

The Dream Man List

I dreamed of being an actress. Then a doctor. Then a dancer at a Mexican resort.

Maybe it's all of those Disney princess movies that we watched when we were growing up, or maybe it's the multitude of romantic period dramas that we just can't seem to get enough of these days, but either way, it seems that we've developed unrealistic expectations when it comes to our dream man. Though, it's through no fault of our own. It's because of all of these fictional guys are so gosh darn wonderful. Yeah, that's it. They're the problem, because, for crying out loud, they're just so perfect! Who could possibly resist those dreamy fellas?

Who Is My Dream Guy?

While there are now more ways than ever to meet people, sometimes, it can feel nearly impossible to find the right person. For example, most people have a preference in hair color, while others may be looking for someone who makes enough money to support a family. At the same time, it's also good to evaluate all the things we could let slide. For instance, maybe things that used to seem extremely important may now appear to be a bit frivolous. When you picture your dream man, what color hair does he have?

But realistically there is only one important thing - a dream man should love you for who you are Check out the free one-month trial before deciding to commit.

Meeting your soulmate is something that most people look forward to in life. It can take a lot of time and effort to meet the kind of man that you want to stay with for the rest of your life. Many people go through ups and downs of relationships. Some couples date casually for a long time before knowing that they want to be together forever.

What Makes a Dream Man?

Despite what has become a common belief, most women don't really find boyfriends in bars. In fact, according to a study by Match. So what in the world are the rest of us to do?

Every lady has her own idea of the man of her dreams — that prince charming, cool, affectionate, romantic, understanding, etc. Hollywood has helped painted the perfect definition of what kind of man; we dream about him, fantasize, and even hallucinate, sometimes, about him. However, our biggest fear is never meeting him.





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