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Makeup products every college girl needs

Can you believe classes start up again soon?! Luckily, you can put your best face forward with these back-to-school beauty essentials. Tinted lip balm is an exhausted college girl's best friend — it adds just enough color to bring life back to a tired face, and it takes literally no effort to use. This is our absolute favorite because the color isn't too saturated, and it's also super hydrating. Plus, a little SPF protection never hurt. Choose from a variety of colors, including bolder dark purples or paler pink neutrals.

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5 Beauty Products That Every Girl In University Should Have In Her Backpack

Going to college is an exciting step in every girl's life. But along with it, there's also nervousness. School times were easier in terms of the pressure to look good, as most of us had a uniform to stick to. Plus, makeup was not really allowed. The best part about doing your makeup at this age is that you don't really need very heavy coverage, because your skin is at its prime. In fact, we think if you go heavy on the coverage, it would actually be bad for your skin in the later years.

So, embrace the natural glow of your skin and go for minimal coverage. You want to look young and fresh and not caked up with an overdose of makeup.

Also, college for us girls in India, means a lot of outdoor stuff happening, like sitting in the canteen during breaks. We all know that the canteens don't have the best kind of ventilation. Having makeup melting down your face and producing a goop out of all the products is not really the ideal situation to be in.

So, without further ado, let us list down all the ride or die beauty products you need , to get you through college, and to look your best while you're at it. BB and CC creams have been hitting the shelves like crazy off late. Now, when a natural kind of finish is what you are looking for, a BB cream is your best bet. These will cover up minimal flaws while giving you a sheer coverage, which means that your skin will still show through.

It will be kind of like a no makeup look. BB creams are like a combination product inclusive of moisturiser, SPF, primer, foundation and a brightener.

They are different from tinted moisturisers in the sense that tinted moisturisers would only provide you with sheer coverage. BB creams on the other hand would colour correct and brighten your skin, making your skin look wide awake and fresh. Plus, it would save you a lot of time and money, being a combination of so many products. We all know how tight our budgets used to be in college. Mascaras have the ability to change your entire look. Some of them can even give you the look of having eyelash extensions or falsies on.

It is a great way to look presentable and fresh without looking overdone. So make sure you invest in a good mascara, especially one that is waterproof, because as we said, you don't want the humidity and sweat to cause you to look like a mess.

Another tip we have for you is to change your mascara every six months, as mascara tends to spoil faster than other products. Now we know that we aren't aiming for a full coverage look, but we are aiming to look healthy and fresh.

Since we are not too far from our pubescent years in college, a few of our teenage problems tend to follow us. For those unexpected pesky spots, a good concealer is a must to have. College also has us having a lot of late nights, which means we do not get as much rest as our body requires. This means, dark circles. Concealers are great to instantly brighten up and cover those under eye circles. Although, we would suggest you not to skip on rest and sleep.

Trust us, your skin will thank you in your later years. We love blushes. They add the right flush of colour to our faces. Keep a pink or coral, natural looking blush around for a healthy flush of colour. After all, during your young years, you want to look healthy and fresh, and unfortunately, that flush doesn't always come naturally. Pop on some blush to give yourself a bright complexion. It is super important to always keep a tube of lip balm in your purse. We love tinted lip balms, because along with keeping our lips plump and hydrated, they add a tinge of colour to our lips, without making it look fake or overdone.

They are not high maintenance and super easy when you're in a rush. Another amazing product we can suggest for this is a lip stain. A college girl's look is all about fresh and glowing skin, and how could that be complete without highlight? Now, we don't mean the blinding highlights we see being all the rage these days. Go for a lighter, more natural kind of highlight.

We suggest cream highlights for this, as you can blend it out to be minimal. Powder highlights tend to be the blinding kinds. Dab some on on the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and any area where the light naturally hits your face for that lit from within look. This might be one of the most important tips we could give you, because your eyebrows can make or break your face.

Gone are the days of stick thin eyebrows with barely any hair in them. Soft, full brows can give structure to your face. You could go for an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or eyebrow gel, depending on the finish you want.

We find powders to give the most natural finish. You could even use good old eyeshadow in brown or grey to fill in your brows, multi-tasking at its best. Be sure to never use black to fill in your brows, as that could look too harsh. Definitely get a bronzer. It adds depth and sharpness to your face, making you look chiselled naturally. Although, do not cover your entire face with bronzer. Just a little bit to enhance your cheekbones would be enough. You don't have to go for a full blown contour effect with it, as we are trying to keep the makeup fresh and minimal, to make it look natural.

A tip for making your lashes look naturally thick and long is to tight line your upper water line. Use a black eye pencil to tight line your upper water line to ensure that there are no gaps between your waterline and your lashes. On the other hand, use a nude eye pencil on your lower waterline, to look wide awake and look like you got your complete eight hours of sleep. We find that a black eye pencil to line the lower water line can look a bit too harsh and it beats the purpose of the natural look.

So go for a nude eye pencil for the lower waterline. Thankfully, there are some good options to choose from, now available in India. Keep a mini sized bottle of a fragrance in your purse to spritz on during the day for freshness. A whole day of being out can get really tiring. A fragrance can act like the right kind of pick me up. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now.

For Daily Alerts. Must Watch. Concealer: Now we know that we aren't aiming for a full coverage look, but we are aiming to look healthy and fresh. Tinted Lip Balm: It is super important to always keep a tube of lip balm in your purse. Bronzers: Definitely get a bronzer. Purse Fragrance: Keep a mini sized bottle of a fragrance in your purse to spritz on during the day for freshness.

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7 Makeup Products Every College Girl Should Have

After acquiring the makeup basics, it is that much easier to add playful or trendy makeup products to your collection and incorporate them into your beauty looks. So, keep scrolling to see my list of makeup essentials for your face, eyes, and lips , as well as essential tools for applying and storing your makeup. Foundation is probably the hardest part of your makeup routine to get right, as you not only have to consider the type of coverage you want i.

There are amazing memories and good times made and had and there's tons to look forward to. It's a magical time, really. So, to help you on your path to being the best you that you can be, we've shortlisted five great beauty products that are sure to leave you looking fresh and alert.

Bag, books, stationery, you have it all sorted. It is now time to put your beauty bag in place. But since you are on a budget thanks to the limited pocket money , here is some help from our side. Here are five beauty-on-budget makeup products that will help you ace your beauty game at college.

Every College Student Needs These Makeup Products

Save time, money and space by narrowing it down to these hair, makeup and skincare essentials. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. Getting ready for class is super simple when you have all of your go to natural shades in one place. Oil Blotting Pads. Dry Shampoo. This is a life-saver for adding volume and nixing grease when you don't have time to wash your hair before class. One of my favorite brands to use is Batiste because it comes in different shades, so you can find one to match your hair.

45 College Girl Makeup Essentials- Under $50 checklist!

Whether you want to add some drama to the eyes or simply look more alive, a kajal can be used as eyeliner or smudged out for a smoky look. This is one of those makeup items that can help add just a little bit of coverage without looking too made up. Enriched with skin boosting ingredients, it can help your skin appear well-rested and hydrated, without looking like you have caked makeup on your face. This should must included in the kit of makeup for college girl. While you probably have amazing, supple and healthy skin while you are in college, it is so essential to moisturize your skin every day.

A primer helps your makeup set and also keeps your skin shine-free.

Perfect Skin. Well, while most of us may have to work a bit harder to achieve that doll-like facade, there are a few skincare products that can help get us there a little faster. Below are some of my favorite skincare products that I think every college girl should try! I use this product 2x a day, everyday.

10 Skincare Products Every College Girl Needs

Going to college is an exciting step in every girl's life. But along with it, there's also nervousness. School times were easier in terms of the pressure to look good, as most of us had a uniform to stick to.

Liquid foundation: When liquid foundation is properly applied, your face will look nearly blemish free. Use this to your benefit. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid is the way to go, especially if you are on a college student budget. Pro tip: make sure the concealer is a couple shades lighter than your actual skin tone. Your eyes will look brighter, and they will thank you later.

5 budget makeup products every college girl needs

Being a college student means long nights studying, even longer nights out, and vast amounts of coffee. This regimen is not the healthiest for your body, and it can take a toll on your overall appearance. We all want makeup that erases the dark circles and enlarged pores from our skin. Here are a few brands and bargain products that you need in your makeup bag. This primer is bomb. Found at CVS, Elf Hydrating Face Primer basically keeps your makeup glued to your face until the end of time, or at least until you decide to wash it off. Not only is it super light-weight, but it also hydrates and moisturizes your skin. In my opinion, foundation should be the makeup product you invest the most in.

Oct 5, - What are the makeup essentials every girl should own? Here's the ultimate list of the 17 products you should have in your makeup bag.‎8 Essential Makeup Brushes · ‎The Best Concealers for Any · ‎Best Foundations.


Makeup Products Every College-going Girl Should Own


30 Back-to-School Beauty Essentials Your Makeup Bag Needs




The Top 10 Makeup Items Every College Girl Needs In Her Bag



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