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Money in french slang

Many modern French slang words come from other words having been inverted. This is an easy one to slip into conversation without sounding too forced. This can be used in numerous ways, but it certainly is not a pleasant word. It is basically used to describe anything that is a pain in the ass, be that a person or a situation.

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French Slang Words for Money and Work

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I am from Quebec. You are mishearing the characters. A piasse is a mispronunciation of " piastre ", which derives from the Italian piastra , meaning "thin metal plate".

The term was applied to currency pieces of the 16th century and the term started being used in New France. Over the years, the final -tre got left out of the pronunciation. It's a colloquial way to designate a dollar.

There are other slang terms referring to money as Laure says, but in Quebec, piasse is definitely the predominant one. There is an incredible number of slang words for money in French I suppose it must be the case in most languages. On that page on Projet Babel you will probably find most of them, even those used in Belgium and Switzerland.

And for some of them they give the origin of the term. In France I expect thune is probably the most common. Une thune originally was slang for a 5 franc coin when we still had francs , but it has come to be used as a generic slang word for money, file moi de la thune 1 , t'as pas de la thune?

Balle which was originally used for a franc, is sometimes still used with euros but it can only be used with a numeral in front of it. Kareen's answer is correct. I'm also from Quebec and what you're hearing is "piasse", which as was mentioned, is very predominantly used. The geopolitical nature of Quebec has given its spoken French a wealth of words borrowed from English, sometimes Frenchicized, other times just used as-is and merged into the sentence: it's not rare that money is referred to as " du cash ", as in " [t']as-tu du cash?

When talking petty amounts except irony, of course , you'll also hear " change " French pronounciation for pocket change. You are surely right about the translation five bucks. I don't in French quebecois, but in French, from France, the equivalent expression in slang would be cinq balles.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Are there other slang terms for money? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 2 months ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed 2k times. Is that correct? Calyth Calyth 4 4 bronze badges. As this quesitons was brought up due to some answer that was deleted very fast, but anyway , allow me a small remark : in French family names don't have a plural form.

May 9 '19 at I was taught it was all names, not just family names. Wouldn't you say les Homer and les Springfield? Active Oldest Votes. Kareen Kareen Kareen None None Mathieu Guindon Mathieu Guindon 1 1 silver badge 8 8 bronze badges. It was the one where Bart sold his soul for 5 bucks, and wasted it on a sponge dinosaur. Lisa said "Where'd you get five bucks?

I can't figure why this very accurate and useful answer has been downvoted twice. Any clues from the ones downvoting maybe? It lacks references so it can be improved I guess, but cinq balles was the exact idiom I was searching through the page to see if someone had it mentionned. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

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The language around money has changed too, since there are so many slang words to talk about dough, bucks and bills. So you can bank on the fact that knowing money words in French can help you with everything from traveling in the French-speaking world to getting extra value out of French pop culture. No matter who you are, where you go or what you do for a living, talking about money is inevitable. Money-related jargon grows about as quickly as inflation! Keep up with the latest lingo using these resources:.

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Fret not though, because this article takes a look at some of the most widely used slang and expressions related to money. Most of these terms are used exclusively in the singular form, but some can be used in both the singular and plural. Il a du fric. Une thune was originally a familiar term for a five-franc coin, but after the introduction of the euro in France, it became a slang term for money in general. Il a plein de biftons.

15 French Slang Words To Make You Sound Like a Local

I know you loooove colloquial French to color your language. This vocabulary is part of the popular culture: everybody understands it! Did you know these expressions? Which one is your favorite? Is there another one you love that you would like to add to the list? Please when you speak in French try and write it on the screen in English and also try to speak slowly. Thank you.

French Slang Words and Phrases for Money – Understand Everyday French Conversation!

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Download mp3 file size 1,5 MB - right click and choose 'save target as' Get a print version of this page. The French have a peculiar relationship with money. Although they need it just like everyone else on earth, there is often the idea that when someone is really rich, it could be for dodgy reasons.

Something my son said a few days ago got me thinking.

Money has been in the news a lot lately, especially with the recent historical Brexit referendum. And other large European countries, like France and Germany, are determining how this possible exit will leave their own economies. All of these terms for money are used in many French expressions and proverbs.

86 French Slang Words and Phrases so You’ll Fit Right in With the Locals

Or more precisely, not the French language you learn at school. They have argot slang words or expressions for about everything. Slang words that mean money, friend or cool are used extensively by young people.

First, a quick caveat: Slang is hard to teach in any language. It varies a lot by region and age group. Consider the following English slang words. Depending where you live and how old you are, you may have never heard many of these before:. French slang is as varied as English. The French-speaking world is vast.

Bank on It: How to Talk About Money in French


Do people really use "balles" for euros? I mean, I'm french and that's not something I'm used to hear. It really refers to francs for me, but I grew up with francs.


Expressions and Slang to talk about Money in French


Expressions and Slang to talk about Money in French






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