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My boyfriend is pregnant yahoo

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Tell him that you are not ready. That you do not want to feel pressure and don't feel comfortable to him makin gall this kind of comments. Is way to soon in the relationship to be thinking about having kids with each other. When you are just now barely getting to know each other. Besides this are signs of a controlling person.

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Is my boyfriend pregnant?

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He's very mad at me now and always telling me that he hates me and its all my fault that we lost are baby. He's not even talkable that much anymore. He told me the only way he would be happy again is if I have him another baby, which I told him I didn't want another 1 because the first one we had together was an accident. But he is stil rushing me and forcing me. I don't know what to do. I think you guys needs some time apart from each other.

You need time to process what just happened with the first baby. Its not healthy for you or the new baby to get pregnant right away after a miscarriage. You have to have time to heal. If he can't accept that then tell him to hit the road. There isn't anything you can do to change how he feels.

If it was ment to be it would work out for the best! Firstly he cant force you to do anything, if he forces you to have sex and you have said no then thats rape remind him of this,dont go and meet him tell him right now that you and him are no longer in a relationship if thats what you could call it,he is a control freak he doesnt own you,you are you're own person you dont have to do anything he says and as for having another baby with him come on the guy has issues,get out of this right away for you,re own safety and sanity if you dont who knows what could happen if you are scared of him report him to the police tell them he is threatening you,you dont have to put up with his crap you deserve better respect yourself girl cuase he sure dont have any for you or any feelings either,he needs professional help of the psychiatric kind Good luck.

Umm my advice is run. He sounds crazy and controlling. The last thing you want to do is bring another person into this world to subject them to that. No on shoudl be able to force you to get pregnant so just say no and if he freaks out why wuold you want to be with him anyway? No matter how charming he is at other times its not worth commiting yourself to an abusive person. And if you dont see it now you will see it later hopefully when its not too late!

I don't know how you are gonna let someone force you to get knocked up? No one can force you to do anything. Do you want to have a baby? Are you financially stable to have a baby? What do you parents say? You have to think of every aspect of this pregnancy thing.

So after you have analyzed it then make your decision. Remember that life is choice driven! Be Strong, don't do anything you are not ready to do.

It'll be far worse if you give in to him!! Letting him have his way wont solve anything, in fact, he will get pushy with other things as well with you. You may want to consider finding someone who really treasures you for you instead of this guy who is looking at you like a baby making factory. Sorry to have to break it to ya, babe, but this guy is way too much trouble.

The ball is in your court. You have put everything into this relationship, but how much more can you give a guy that does not appreciate it. He is finding the loss hard but he is going about it the wrong way. I actually fear for your safety. Even if you have strong feelings for him it is time to give him a lot of space. He needs to treat you like a human being, not a peice of meat.

You'll have one if you want to not because he forces you to. You have a choice in life. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Just tell him no! If he forces you to then call the cops, because that's not safe! I understand its hard but its a time for you two to grow and support each other! Kelly Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Gina S. Sounds like you really need to get away from him until he gets some help dealing with your loss.

Camille Lv 4. Leave him and get a restraining order. Show more answers 7. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Has being pregnant caused me to hate my boyfriend?

Hey there i might be pregnant Well I let him know ahead of time that my period was 2 days late and that its normally on time. He said okay well lets get a pregnancy test if you don't get it in another two days.

He's very mad at me now and always telling me that he hates me and its all my fault that we lost are baby. He's not even talkable that much anymore. He told me the only way he would be happy again is if I have him another baby, which I told him I didn't want another 1 because the first one we had together was an accident.

Ever since I've become pregnant i seriously can't stand my boyfriend. Like at all. Everything he does irrates the poo out of me. There was a time that i loved him very much but now I'm considering some time apart just to make sure what i want to do.

Why is my boyfriend trying to get me pregnant?

Run a mile - sounds like he's possessive, controlling and keen to trap you by having a baby with you which, by the way, I'm willing to bet he'd do nothing to look after. I'd kick my husband to the kerb if he tried telling me i HAD to get pregnant - it's a decision we've made together, not because he told me I had to do it! Besides, you're the one that has to carry the child, do most of the looking after it if not all of it , and besides all that, you not only have a life to lead for many years before having kids when YOU are ready, it's your body and he has not right to have a say in what you do with it. I would be very worried about him - I would get well away from him, and even report him if he's seriously hassling you. There are men out there who will just enjoy being with you - they don't need to get you pregnant at 16, that's just crazy. Best of luck honey. Try telling a school counsellor - the others are right, if he forces you, that's rape - and rape against a minor as you're Good luck

my boyfriend is forcing me to get pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have known each other for only two months now, we recently started having sex, and he started off wearing condoms. Well as time progressed I was about to start birth control but I wanted to refrain from sex till then, because he no longer would wear condoms. But with the awesome help of alcohol we had sex and he did not put on a condom,, i begged him to pull out while he was on top of me sorry tmi but he continued as i tried pushing him off me then laughed once he'd finished. I almost cried but then told him i took plan B and he got really upset.

He's feeling sick in the morning, having mood swings, sleeps on the sofa alot, always complaining he's tired, and his belly is expanding by the day. I got him to take a hpt, which was negative, but could it be too early to tell?

Well, once you do get get pregnet and have a baby hes gonna leave! Why would he,a guy, and your not married to him want to take care of your baby when he can be doing other things! He just wants to you-know-what and then chances are he will leave you. He can't get you pregnant if you don't let him.

my boyfriend wants me to get pregnant?

I'm new to this and i was just hoping that someone out there would be able to give me some advice. I found out a couple of weeks ago that my boyfrind of 5 years has gotten another girl pregnant. We had a pretty bumpy year last year and we broke a couple of times. The first time was April - July in which time he lived with his brother, the second was Oct '09 - Jan '

We had unprotected sex, opting for the pull out method. However, we did it twice and only left a few minutes in between, and he was a little late pulling out the second time. Now I'm a week late and my usual PMS symptoms are nowhere in sight. I even went so far as a fertility calendar, and of course we did it on the day that this peaked. I've hinted that I'm late, but as a joke. We're only

why to guys want to get girls pregnant ........??


A couple of weeks ago, he admitted to me that whilst we were apart he was staying with his best friend (female) and he slept with her, she is now pregnant (18  10 answers.


why does my boyfriend want to get me pregnant ?


How did you tell your boyfriend/husband you were pregnant?






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