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We knew it was coming and we should have the official reveal today, but it looks like the new Need for Speed has been leaked and it will be called Need for Speed: Heat. Need for Speed: Heat will reportedly be a new open-world game with a darker tone, and a serious story. The graphics will be "similar to NFS " which doesn't inspire much, there will be no off-road gameplay, but one of the cool features in Need for Speed: Heat sounds like the Police Escape game mode. Police Escape mode is meant to be 'classic Need for Speed' mode with "cops will be back in the open world" with "helicopters and everything". Your car can be damaged in Need for Speed: Heat, so take too much damage by crashing into other cars of the environment and you'll be ruined. If you do damage your car, NFS: Heat will be bringing back gas stations to repair your car.

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The Most Badass Women From Need for Speed

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Need for Speed has had a spotty track record of late, often struggling to find a style that stands out. Unfortunately, its story comes across more like a shoddy rip-off rather than a fun contender in the genre, while its bright, pulsing aesthetic helps push it over the finish line. The game is set in a large open world, and you choose to load into the world either online or solo where online populates the map with other players that you can challenge to race at any time.

I brought up the map at one point to place a waypoint and was run off the road. However you choose to load into Palm City you get to pick your character from a batch of premade character models—that are all voiced—and you are quickly thrust into a story that was seemingly given as little thought as possible.

Your player is not named, and after moving to town, gets a car and ingratiates themselves with a racing crew immediately. Here you meet Lucas, the ex-racer mechanic and his hot headed sister, Ana. The main conceit of the story revolves around Lt. Frank Mercer and his anti-racing taskforce that is dead set on taking down every illegal street racer in Palm City.

From a gameplay perspective this means that as you drive around, if you run afoul of the law, they will stop at nothing to take you down pretty standard NFS stuff there. Interestingly, though, the cops, while always present, are only really a threat at night.

And instead of the day-night cycle of Need for Speed Payback, Heat smartly lets you choose between day and night when you leave the garage. You are earning rep to unlock better cars and upgrades and also money to spend on said upgrades. These races were much more interesting as you not only had to contend with the other racers, but with local traffic and usually a cop or two.

It was crazy that the game posits that street racing is such an extreme epidemic that police are given almost limitless power in taking them down, yet for some reason the city is littered with street races every day.

And the cops seem baffled by the rise in racing. I appreciate that the characters are street racers and have an adversarial relationship with the police, but Heat goes to crazy lengths to insist that the police even suggesting that street racing should stop is some sort of heinous persecution. The cops are made to be the criminals in the story only really to make our heroes seem like they are fighting against some injustice when they fly down a crowded street at miles per hour.

You are an active participant, but the story would have played out the same if they were there or not. It seemed that you only existed in any scene to give the other characters a reason to deliver exposition. Exposition that was absolutely never worth hearing. Once the characters have finished talking, you can get into the meat of the experience—the racing.

This is where the game shines. The cars both felt satisfyingly weighty yet nimble and precise. The arcade style racing here meant that I almost never hit the brakes but rather drifted around every turn. To drift all you have to do is double tap the gas as you lean into a turn and your car will swing into position.

Once I got the hang of it, I was drifting like a pro thanks to the fact that the game seemed to give me the benefit of the doubt on some turns. Taking the turns still required skill and timing, but the system was generous enough that I never felt completely out of control. The AI was always appropriately tough the game has three difficulties so you can tune it to your needs , and learning how to take a turn was truly quite important to keeping your lead.

The environment whizzing by impossibly fast, the camera jostling as your car hits its limits, and the pitch-perfect soundtrack bumping in your ears all created a worthwhile racing experience that can stand on its own against games like Forza Horizon. When the races were over, Heat was much less compelling. The open world is diverse and visually interesting, but so sparsely populated that Palm City felt lifeless.

It has neon flamingos to run over, various technical challenges, and billboards to smash through, but the open world was less in service of providing these challenges as the extracurriculars were there to justify the game even having an open world. Interesting at first, the loop revolves around switching between day and night. You earn cash during the day, switch to night with a stylish transition that genuinely made me smile every time to earn rep and then spend the cash on the unlocked parts to take on tougher races.

Deeper into the game, though, story missions were gated behind higher rep levels which meant I had to essentially grind out the same races over and over just to get to the next mission. As fun as the races can be, it sucked all the joy out of the experience to grind for rep just for the privilege of doing one more story mission.

At night the grinding was slightly more fun because you could only bank rep by entering one of the many safe houses around the city.

The cops were terrifyingly deadly, and disappointingly you are equipped with few tools to shake the cops. I would end up getting busted and losing all of my hard-earned money and rep.

These chases were exciting, and finally getting them off your tail was rewarding; I just wish I could have gone on the offensive. Need for Speed Heat is an interesting turning point for the series.

Need for Speed Heat has a great visual style that smartly leans into the tuner culture that helped set the series apart in games like Most Wanted and Underground. Unfortunately its sluggish progression and weak online offerings keep this from reaching the heights of the series. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone remains one of my all-time favorite releases this generation, if not just the last decade.

I had originally played the series when it was available Gears Tactics spelled a huge departure from the usual waist-high wall wastelands in the Gears of War series. Tactics took Gears up PROS Excellent soundtrack that can swing from poppy to grimey when the game calls for it. A flashy visual presentation that made the menus as much fun to look at as the game world. Simple and intuitive drifting that made races consistently fun. The day-night mechanic was well-executed.

CONS The story is a mess with characters that are neither interesting nor bad enough to be fun. Heavy grinding made progression a chore. With the exception of billboards, the open world offered little of value.

Not enough tools at your disposal to take down cops. Nathan lives in Colorado catching Pokemon on the Go and at home. He previously spent three months interning for Game Informer before coming back to Gaming Trend to spread the good word on video games. His real passion, though, is collecting different versions of the 3DS and other weird Nintendo garbage. It's a never-ending quest for less space in his house. Related Articles: Need for Speed Heat.

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E3 2017: Need for Speed Payback Female Character, Gameplay Revealed

Perhaps the most important among these were:. When we began story production on NFS Heat we knew that cops would be a major focus for the game. That made the choice to include them as antagonists clear, but we wanted to explore the antithesis of a lawful cop, out of which emerged the character of Lieutenant Mercer.

Need for Speed is a sports action thriller film directed and co-edited by Scott Waugh and written by George and John Gatins. It is the film adaptation of the racing video game franchise of the same name by Electronic Arts.

Need for Speed Payback becomes one of several upcoming high profile game to feature playable female characters, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 , Call of Duty: WW2 and Far Cry 5 being some other prime examples. Need for Speed Payback will deliver all of the customization and smooth racing gameplay that fans have come to expect from the series, but it also hopes to deliver a blockbuster action story campaign too. Each of the characters will have individual quests, but will work together at some points too. The trio of protagonists also have different driving skills: Jess is apparently best at evading the law. Like this post?

The fast and the spurious — Need for Speed Heat review

Sign In. Ronnie voice Josie Maran Mia voice Dean McKenzie Sergeant Cross voice as Dean M. McKenzie Derek Hamilton Razor voice Kevan Ohtsji Toru voice as Kevin Ohstji Simone Bailly Female Officer voice Jagua Arneja Additional Voices voice Corin Hanson Additional Voices voice Rebecca Hastings


She is a seductive handler who recruits and guides players as they go undercover. Hector is one of the six featured criminals in the NFS Undercover storyline. He favors the Tuner car class and drives a Mazda RX Character from Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Need for Speed has had a spotty track record of late, often struggling to find a style that stands out. Unfortunately, its story comes across more like a shoddy rip-off rather than a fun contender in the genre, while its bright, pulsing aesthetic helps push it over the finish line.

From insane heist missions to devastating car battles to jaw dropping set piece moments, Need for Speed Payback delivers an edge-of-your-seat, action-driving fantasy. But along the way you're going to be introduced to a number of characters, some of which you'll be playing as, while others will be either helping you out or trying to put a stop to your actions. Let's meet some of the inhabitants of Fortune Valley. Styles: Race, Drag Birthplace: The Barrio, Silver Rock Drive: Be the best A natural-born racer, Ty possesses killer racing instincts and an unwavering will to win that make him a formidable opponent whether in a street race or on the drag strip.

Under the Hood: Story and Characters of NFS Heat



of Need for Speed Payback


Need for Speed is a sports action thriller film directed and co-edited by Scott Waugh and The same month, Imogen Poots was cast as the female lead. The site's critical consensus reads, "With stock characters and a preposterous plot.


Need for Speed: Heat is open-world, features female protagonist


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